Aug 8

Thank You from the Royals!

Thank You from the Royals!

On behalf of the entire University of Scranton Men’s Basketball team, we would just like to extend a very heartfelt thank you to all the people who made our team’s Canadian tour possible.  Planning for our trip goes back almost a year, and plenty of hard work goes into all the details.  Montreal was a world-class city, and all the sightseeing we did (Old Montreal, St. Joseph’s Oratory, Mount Royal Park, Quebec City, and Olympic Stadium), the awesome meals we ate, our first-class travel and hotel accommodations, and of course, the high-class competition we played against made for an experience of a lifetime for our student-athletes.  Thanks to your generous contribution, we were able to give our team an outstanding experience.  Without you, this would not have been possible!  We appreciate your help and support!

– Coach Danzig and the Men’s Basketball Team

Aug 2

Olympic Stadium; game 3

Aug 2

We won!

Big win for the Royals tonight!  We played the Brookwood Bounce (a local club team) and won, 85-68.  It was an awesome up-tempo game.  The other team was very tough, very physical, and they defended us very well.  After a long week, our guys were pretty tired, but they fought through it.  We shot the ball really well, and our ball movement helped us get some great looks.  Tommy and Ross both scored 19 points, and Brendan led all scorers with 22.  Our halfcourt defense was strong, too.  We had a lot of deflections and our rotations were decent.  All in all, the whole trip was a great learning experience for us, and the team had an awesome time!!

Aug 2

University of Laval; Quebec City (which is surrounded by fortress walls); pregame meal; the castle

Aug 2

St. Joseph’s Oratory; Mont Royal Park which overlooks Montreal

Aug 2

Our trip to Olympic Stadium

Aug 2

St. Joseph’s Oratory by Ross Danzig

Ross is a rising junior from Clarks Green, PA.  He speaks a little bit of French.

Part of our Thursday afternoon tour was visiting St. Joseph’s Oratory, a famous church of healing, and the largest Catholic dome building not in the Vatican.  The Oratory is a famous stop for pilgrimages, as people walk up thousands of stairs to the Cathedral on their knees to seek forgiveness and a cure to whatever is ailing them.  Not wanting to hurt our chances Friday night in our game, we bypassed the first half of the journey on the bus, and then proceeded to conquer the rest of our pilgrimage via escalators….

The Cathedral itself was impossibly big.  We all felt a little less significant walking through the isles as the massive architectural structure towered above us.  After a few minutes of exploring and snapping pictures, the buildings power shut off, leaving us in near-complete darkness, with just a single ray of light shining on the alter.  The experience was unique to say the least, and we are all still trying to figure out if the power failure was a good or bad sign….  I guess we’ll find out tonight in our game.

Another great day to be a Royal


Aug 2

Quebec City and Our 2nd Game by Mike Barr

Mike is a rising senior from North Wales, Pa.  Follow him on Twitter @airbarr421

On Wednesday, we went to Quebec City to do some more sightseeing and to play our 2nd game against the University of Laval. I was very impressed by Quebec City because of its old French buildings and lively atmosphere. There were many street performers that attracted huge crowds, and the Quebec City streets had a unique European feel to them. We were guided through the city by the University of Laval’s head basketball coach, who was a great tour guide that showed a lot of knowledge and passion about his city. After enjoying a great Italian pregame meal, we were able to tour Laval’s state of the art athletic facilities and campus as we prepared for our 2nd game.

Our experience in Canada has been awesome! The basketball games, sightseeing, and team camaraderie has provided us with life long memories!  

Aug 1

Game 2

We just returned from our “road trip” to play at the University of Laval in Quebec City, which was a little more than 2 hours away.  We lost a tough one, 86-81, but it was a fun game and hard-fought.  We’ll have more tomorrow! — JM

Touring Old Montreal: Notre Dame cathedral, city hall, Olympic headquarters

Touring Old Montreal: St. Lawrence Seaway docks, Beaver Tails, cobblestone streets

Day Off by Kyle Ranck

Kyle is a rising senior.  Here he is (on the right) with Ross Danzig (left) in Old Montreal.

This morning we headed out to the Old Montreal area of the city and it was beautiful.  The architecture of the buildings was awesome and intricate.  We took a lot of pictures.  We also visited the Notre Dame Basilica of Montreal, which is a huge church with tons of really cool statues and designs.  Another church we went inside was really cool too and was actually built on top of an older church that burned down hundreds of years ago.  After walking through most of the area, John, our host, took us to this little restaurant where we got a pastry called “Beaver Tails.”  I got a cinnamon sugar one and it was delicious.  Then we went to lunch and got some really good sandwiches.  After that we came back to the hotel wiped out so most of us took naps until dinner time.  We went to a really good restaurant for dinner and had some rotisserie chicken.  Tomorrow we are heading to Quebec City to tour the city and play a game against the University of Laval.  We’re very determined to win this one and there’s no doubt in mind we’ll play really well.

Game One by Justin Klingman

Justin Klingman is a rising junior.  Montreal has a very European feel, and he helps us blend in with his Euro-haircut.  Shoutout to Pat Calvey….

After much anticipation, we finally got to take the court and play our first game here in Canada. Our game was at Brebeuf Secondary College and the facilities weren’t anything less than spectacular. After a gruesome pre-game workout ,(basically a full practice) with Coach Mihalich, we tipped off at 8p.m. We started off strong and played them evenly throughout the half. They ran a motion offense with a lot of back screens, back cuts, and pick & rolls. Although we didn’t shoot the ball well, we played hard and continued to push the ball in transition for some easy buckets. We finished the half down 7. We came out in the second half flat as they came out like gangbusters. They extended the lead to about 20 within the first 7 mins of the half. We chipped away at the lead as the half went on and ended up losing by 12. All in all, it was great to finally get on the floor with all guys and get after it. Although we lost, everyone played hard, dove for lose balls and took some charges. I’m looking forward to get back on the floor tomorrow and get our first win in Canada.


Game Day by Tommy Morgan

Tommy is a rising senior from Greenlawn, NY.  Follow him on Twitter @tfmorgan21 (!

On Day 2 of our trip to Montreal we toured the underground shopping centers and visited the campus of McGill University.  A few of us also walked around the athletic facilities at McGill.  The gym was nice, but I think what stood out to us was the football stadium which holds 20,000 people.  It was pretty awesome.  Tonight is our first game against a quality opponent.  We have all worked hard this summer so it’ll be fun to combine our talents and take on another team.  All are excited to pick up our first win tonight.

Photos from our walk around McGill University (famous alum: Dr. James Naismith).  The football stadium is also home to the Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League

(personal note: Before he led Buffalo to 4 straight Super Bowls, Marv Levy coached the Alouettes from 1973 to 1977. Go Bills!! — JM)